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Two Huge Lies by myyrdneopia Two Huge Lies :iconmyyrdneopia:myyrdneopia 1 0 Cold Days Are Coming by myyrdneopia Cold Days Are Coming :iconmyyrdneopia:myyrdneopia 67 47 Dresden Files Meme by myyrdneopia Dresden Files Meme :iconmyyrdneopia:myyrdneopia 6 7 The Realm of Alera by myyrdneopia The Realm of Alera :iconmyyrdneopia:myyrdneopia 20 3
Tale of Lightblaze: Chapter 5
Chapter 5:  A Wolfen Menace
            Many days later, Silentpaw was still suffering, but I, as well as many others, could tell that she was hurting.  Bad.  Then one night, who should appear but the alpha wolf.  The no-good, miserable excuse for a piece of fox-dung decided to show his face again in Fourtrees.  This time, however, he brought a couple of friends.  The battle-wolf, an ugly brute I thought, was about twice the size of the alpha.  Then I see Silentpaw across the clearing.  I feel my heart catch in my throat, and I am suddenly afraid.  Not for myself, oh no.  My fear was for Silentpaw that night.  I climb a tree and work my way around the clearing to her, and press my pelt to hers.  She is being tormented, so tortured, somehow, by the wolves.  I press my pelt to hers, telling her to be
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Tale of Lightblaze: Chapter 4
Chapter 4:  A Furry Fiend
          The next day, as I head toward Fourtrees, I hear yowling and snarling.  I pick up my pace and burst into the clearing to see an enormous wolf attacking many of the cats.  I climb a tree, and find Smokeypaw, and ask him who the brute is.  As we watch the wolf, snap at the cats, Smokeypaw tells me that he is the alpha wolf, and that he had driven out the queen of the moon, Luna, another wolf.  We look at each other and then we leap on top of the alpha, Smokeypaw on his back, and me on his head.  As hard as we try to hang on, however, the alpha wolf throws us off, and we sprawl on the ground.  As more cats arrive, the alpha retreats, and leaves Fourtrees.
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Tale of Lightblaze: Chapter 3
Chapter 3:  Meeting Silentpaw
A couple weeks later, I made my way back to Fourtrees.  When I got to Fourtrees, Smokeypaw and Soulpaw weren't there, but other cats were there.  Scartalon, then a ThunderClan warrior, and Dawnfire, her sister, were there, but Dawnfire was lying on the ground, as she had been gravely injured by Tigerstalker.  I did found some cobwebs, and as I was running back to Dawnfire, I almost collided with another apprentice, a pretty white she-cat.  I asked if she could help me, that Dawnfire was hurt, if she knew any herbs that would help.  She smiled and told me that she should, that she was the ShadowClan medicine cat apprentice.  She ran off, and I went back to where Scartalon and Dawnfire were.  The white she-cat came back with herbs in her mouth, and she pressed them to Dawnfire's wounds while I bound them with the cobwebs.  Dawnfire began to relax, and fell asleep with S
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Tale of Lightblaze: Chapter 2
Chapter 2:  Becoming Lightpaw
And so I grew.  My life was the same as any kit's, except for the fact that I had no parents.  I was okay with that, though, for I soon forgot that I was not a clan born cat.  I only recently discovered my true heritage, but I consider myself a clan cat, and so do the other cats.  No matter where you were born, it is your heart that reveals where you were meant to be.  It is clear to me that I was, and am, meant to be a part of ThunderClan and the forest.
When I turned six moons old, I became an apprentice, and my name became Lightpaw.  That day, I was so excited, I ran out of camp and I only realized how far I had gone when I reached Fourtrees, of which I had heard tales from the warriors and elders.  The first cat I meet outside of my own clan is Smokeypaw.  He introduces me to Soulpaw and Spiritpaw, and we ran around, climbing trees and leaping off them. 
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Tale of Lightblaze: Chapter 1
Chapter 1:  My Kithood
I recall very little of my early life, but I do know a few things.  My parents were two loners who met between Twolegplace and Sunningrocks, and discovered they enjoyed spending time together.  Many times during their meetings and wanderings they saw the different clans, and how they worked together to care for all.  During this time, they fell in love, and soon after, I was born.  Then one day, my mother and I were at the river when a small band of rogues attacked my father, who was hunting nearby.  My mother picks me up in her teeth, and runs into the forest, closely followed by the rogues, who had killed my father.  My mother drops me near a gorse tunnel, and tells me to hide.  This same gorse tunnel is the one used as the entrance to the ThunderClan camp.  I run into the gorse tunnel, and my mother covers my scent trail, and runs off, leading the rogues away from the gor
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Tale of Lightblaze: Prologue
This is my story, the tale of my life.  As with any life, my life has had its ups and downs, its joys and sorrows, and most importantly, its friends.  Over field and of flower I have roamed, but even as I have wandered, I always found myself going back to where I feel most at home:  Four Trees, with my friends and family that gather there everyday.  Much of my story takes part in that part of the forest, and well it should, for my friends and family are from different clans, and shall always come, in good will, to Four Trees.  So, make yourself comfortable, grab a few pieces of fresh-kill, for my life has been an eventful one, and will take some time in the telling
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It's not Naria, but... by myyrdneopia It's not Naria, but... :iconmyyrdneopia:myyrdneopia 0 2 And it comes a tumblin BW by myyrdneopia And it comes a tumblin BW :iconmyyrdneopia:myyrdneopia 1 0 And it comes a tumblin down by myyrdneopia And it comes a tumblin down :iconmyyrdneopia:myyrdneopia 1 0 WIP by myyrdneopia WIP :iconmyyrdneopia:myyrdneopia 0 0 Riva by myyrdneopia Riva :iconmyyrdneopia:myyrdneopia 1 0 Riva-sketch by myyrdneopia Riva-sketch :iconmyyrdneopia:myyrdneopia 0 0


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